7am-9am: Drop-offs and Morning Socialization & Play
9am-11:30am: Obedience Class and Enrichment or Exposure Training
11:30am-1pm: Individual Training Sessions, Additional Services, or Rest Time
1pm-4pm: Afternoon Socialization & Play, Activities, and Games
4pm-6pm: Socialization & Play, Rest Time, and Pick-ups
*Times may vary based on class sizes and individual dog’s needs. 


School Day $35

Why choose School Days at MCA? Our School Days offer a unique combination of learning, socialization and play with other dogs, individualized attention with our staff, and fun activities that are hand-selected for your dog. Rather than putting your dog in a large group all day long like a typical doggy daycare, we will find what they really love and rotate their time with us among several activities tailored specifically for your dog.

Our School Days are focused on learning, fun, and the well-being of your dog. We are committed to understanding group dog behavior, and educating our staff on safe and humane management techniques. But most importantly, we are committed to providing a day of fun and individualized care to your dog when they stay with us. Your pet will be treated like one of the family!

During a day at school your dog will receive basic obedience training on the Skill of the Week, participate in the exposure or enrichment session of the day, and socialize with other dogs of similar size and temperament.

*Drop off starts at 7:00 am; pick up must be by 6:00 pm. Late check out is available for an additional charge. If your dog is not picked up by 6:00 pm, your dog will be boarded for the night (unless scheduled for late checkout).

Half Day School Day $22

A half day is considered five (5) hours or less. If your dog stays for longer than 5 hours, you will be charged for full-day rates. Obedience Skill of the Week training and Enrichment/Exposure Training is typically conducted during the first half of the School Day. Depending on your dog’s time of arrival, they may not be included in all of the day’s activities.